Learning Dangerously

by Craig Stephens

  • The Benefits of Becoming a Lifestyle Learner
  • The 7 Truths About Great Habits
  • How Your Beliefs Can Limit Your Learning
  • How To Improve Your Connection With Others
  • Why Busyness Should Not Be Your Business
  • Why Accepting Your Limitations Is Good For You
  • Success Only Matters When It Is Measured

"Learning Dangerously is a practical handbook that is easy to use to get the best from others and yourself."

"A must read for any professional, team leader and business owner aspiring to do progressive work with their clients. Integrating the process of learning, influence, performance and success in a very motivating way."

I loved this book. Craig Stephens begins every article with practical tips to learn dangerously - straightforward and creative. He provides challenges and teaches you how to handle them, which are all very true and important components. Highly recommended."

"While it is important for our growth and development to have aspirations, desire without an understanding of effort will remain an unfilled desire and will fade, leaving us alone having achieved nothing."

- Craig Stephens

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Effort Makes Performance Rewarding.

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